MSI Radeon R9 270 Gaming OC Review



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Why is every review of a GPU made with a i7 chip? Only few people use a i7 for a gaming rig! The average gamer uses a i3 or i5 nonK or a FX-6300 or a FX-8320. A i7 is just a waste of money and every real gamer knows that. Why can't they ever do a realistic review and use a i5 3470 or a i5 4460 or even a i3 model chip or a FX-6300? It makes no sense. But anyway! They are at'least right about the R9 270 being a better choice over the R9 270X model. Clock speeds be dammed, There is no performance difference at all once you set your GPU to 1050mhz in CCC. And many will say the X model can overclock higher. This is not true. Both chips are identical, and they have the same exact overclock limit before a crash or artifacts depending on how good of a chip you get. But the average user should just set it to 1050mhz and leave it an the memory alone.



I was under the impression that the 270X was a rebranded 7870, while the 270 was the rebranded 7850.



No. The R7 265 is the rebranded 7850.



And let the fanboy wars commence...!



The R9270 can bought all day long on newegg for $170.00 all day everyday. It has a $30.00 mail in rebate which knocks it down to 139.00 The cheapest I found a 760 was a EVGA 760 and it was $230.00 with a $15 mail in rebate offered which knocks it down to $215.00

So it's either $60 cheaper on planet Earth. Or it's $76.00 dollars cheaper on planet earth with rebate. What bloody planet are you writing from?

You know if you had simply made a mistake I would overlook it. But this Nvidia fanboyism is out of control on here. It's past obvious.

You outright lied. The R270 is targeted at the ancient 660 as you called it. It does not matter how old Nvidia's cards are if Amd prices a card against it then that's what you compare it to. That's what Nvidia offers in that price bracket for consumers. And The AMD R270 just stomps it for the same or less money depending on the brand of card you buy. Why would you try and convince people to buy a much more expensive card from Nvidia that's two tiers above it when it's obvious they aren't looking to spend that kind of money? Of course a card two tiers above it and costs $60.00 more is going to outperform it. But then again you lied about what card it competes against. Then lied about how much it costs. WHY? If you're going to try to convince people to spend $60.00 more why not go all out and tell them the 780TI just dominates that card and they should buy it? Tell them to pick up a Nvidia shield while they are at it. Hell be creative here.

Now why not be good little fanboy hacks and compare the 760 against a R9 280 which is the proper price brackets for those cards. And just for fun Ill start you off with the fact that you can buy a R9 280 off Newegg for $200.00 and it outperforms the more expensive 760 which is still $230.00 or $215.00 with rebate. Let me guess though you'll want to counter with We recommend the 760 cause it uses less power and in 5 years you will earn $6.00 back from your electric bill?

I sincerely hope AMD is not letting any of you anywhere near sample pieces for review. Cause it's obvious you got it out for them in the worst way possible.

If anyone from Nvidia ever sees this and you get in a bind, need a friend or a back rub I recommend Maximum Pc staff. These guys will lie for you and I'll bet they would gladly go even farther.


Nosaj Lief

Look dude, you're sitting here spewing some serious vitriol and all the while you're accusing others of being "fanboys." What are you, 15 years old and butt hurt that you can only afford the garbage that AMD puts out on the low end because that's all the money mommy will give you?

Now that that's out of the way, let me just say this... AMD absolutely RUINED ATI when they bought them in 2006. I used to buy mostly ATI cards back in the day, they were fantastic pieces of kit. Once AMD got their loser hands on them, they ruined the division entirely. Now they only put out power hungry cards that put out enough heat to fry bacon on them. What's worse, they have the WORST driver team in history. I gave them another shot recently too, I actually bought a PowerColor liquid cooled R9 290X to use in my media center PC (had to go liquid, since the air cooled versions sound like hair dryers and still can't cool the card). In all honesty, it's a fine enough piece of hardware if you can manage to keep it cool, but their driver department ruins any small gains they might have gained.

They release new drivers about every 3 or 4 months, that's absolutely ridiculous. Nvidia releases new drivers ever couple of weeks, as new games come out and the drivers need to be optimized. You have to understand, a large part of the premium price you pay with Nvidia is for premium support after the purchase. With AMD drivers, they're constantly out of date, they ofter ruin just as many things as they "fix" when they do update them, and they constantly blame devs and Nvidia for why they can't optimize properly. It's seriously pathetic when some games have an option in the graphics section to check a box to "minimize AMD crashes." Yeah, play Elite: Dangerous and have a look at that one for yourself, twit.

Then of coarse, there's Mantle... sweet, sweet Mantle. What a load of crap! AMD themselves even say that Mantle serves NO PURPOSE unless you have an under performing CPU. Let me spell that out so you can understand it. When you have a low performing CPU, it bottlenecks the GPU since it can't feed it info fast enough. Mantle helps reduce this, but if you have a high performing CPU, it does NOTHING. Let me put that another way... AMD came up with Mantle to help out the idiots who also buy their crappy under performing processors. Yes, if you're one of the unlucky chumps who thought an AMD bulldozer based CPU was worth owning, they now have a band aid for you so you don't feel as inadequate. What a bunch of crap.

Listen little boy, I'm sorry to say, but AMD is a crap company who's always riding bankruptcy for a REASON. Honestly, I wish it wasn't so, because I do miss the days of having actual options for performance as competition is always good for consumers in the end. It drives innovation and keeps prices in line. Unfortunately, there has been no competition between AMD and Intel/Nvidia for years, so since money is not the issue and I crave the best, I simply can't buy AMD garbage. Seriously, bro, I couldn't wait to get that trashy R9 290X out of my rig, it was nothing but trouble and I've learned my lesson; no more AMD garbage until they clean up their act. For now, I've got a great $600 paper weight that I smile at every time I look at it. It reminds me to not drink the Kool-Aid.



Funny you mention drivers, in a kind of related, but not really sort of way.

According to Extreme Tech (though I've sort of taken them with a grain of salt since they seem more sensationalist now), NVIDIA's way of helping developers and gamers is by optimizing their drivers so that the hardware performs as good as it possibly can. AMD helps developers and gamers by talking with developers to improve their game engines (hence why they're all "open source or bust").

Both camps are valid. As a software engineer, I'd like to know that I have hardware that will work and perform its best (plus it helps eliminate variables if a bug happens) and I'd like to have the hardware vendor tell me how to optimize my software. But if I had to choose one or the other, I'd rather take NVIDIA's approach. I can always optimize my software, but I can't optimize hardware drivers.



I think you must have missed the fact that this article was a few months old. Prices change. They weren't lies, you're just judging them in the wrong context. No rant needed. However, you are right that the price difference is about $60 now, with most R9 270s around $170-$180, and 760s around $230-$240. Thus, it does make more sense to buy a R9 series card. That said, I DO like having lower power consumption and much less heat, which nVidia cards are better at, so I'm willing to pay more for that and that keeps NVidia cards on the table as options.



The MSI R9 270 and MSI N660 both cost 169.00 exactly on Newegg The difference is the R9 270 outperforms the N660 and uses less power. Only 1 6 pin connector required for the R9 270 versus the N660's 2

Do you see what happens when you compare the AMD card against the card it's priced against? It wins. Not only is it the best value performance wise, it's also the best value for energy conserving types.

And when you factor Mantle in the performance delta increases that much more.

Considering this card can be had for as little as 139.00 it is a amazing option for the consumer. But your consumer wont see that on this site will they? No all they will see $230 dollar card!!!!!! for $30 more you can have this Nvidia that stomps it!!!!!



Comparing a current generation video card with a last generation video card. Okay.

I would put it up against the 750 Ti, then you'd lose the performance (the 270 performs about 20% better), but you don't need as much power (50% less). It's situational there. AMD doesn't have any convincing lower power solutions, but then again the 750 Ti is a bit too niche for its own good.

Mantle only affects a handful of games right now, and it only shows if you've paired it with a lower end CPU.

Also I suspect AMD priced it down that low to entice people. Aside from that, NVIDIA has shown its next generation architecture, AMD has yet to make their move while they're selling overclocked HD7000 cards. And in the GPU world, power consumption is key. If AMD cannot make a competing performance/power ratio part, then they'll be struggling.

And it's not just the desktop market either, the laptop market will eat up NVIDIA GPUs if they are lower power for the performance.



Well that's all there is to compare it to at that price point. You can either campare it against the card in its price bracket or compare it against a card in a lower bracket or do like mpc did and go up a bracket. Up or down it is not a realistic comparison. The card did extremely well against something two tiers up though.

750ti is a poor comparison. That card does not have the performance. It's designed for people to buy a cheap gaming card to stick in their walmart pc's so they can run a game. Does not require any additional current from the power supply.

Your mantle statement is wrong. It helps tremendously and scales with gpu power.

Of course it's priced to entice people. Is that a bad thing? Is having powerful low end cards with affordable pricing wrong somehow?

This power thing im not getting. It is the most powerful 6 pin card ever made.



Definition of lie: a false statement made with deliberate intent to deceive.

Posting a 4 month old review as current when the review itself is full of lies and is misleading is by definition a lie.

We don't have people posting nonsense that the world is flat be careful not to sail off it! And then some fanboy going oh those guys are being taken out of context they are just reposting maps from circa 1300.

If it's wrong it is wrong. It should have never been posted.



Shut the fuck up:
Note: This review was originally featured in the April 2014 issue of the magazine.

The information is outdated, and is labeled thusly. AMD sucks, or they wouldn't be constantly teetering on the brink of bankruptcy.



You must not read their articles too often. Maxpc has said in the past that they don't post the newest articles from their magazine because that would defeat the purpose of buying the magazine. Im happy that they even have articles online, even if some are a bit old.

All Im hearing is someone whose excessively butthurt at anything anyone says about AMD.



I know prices can change quickly in regards to publishing a review, but Newegg has it for $169.99 with a $30 mail in rebate (for an actual check - not a rebate "card"). $139.99 for this much performance is a pretty good deal.



april - august is not quickly. This is an old ass article.