MSI Details Mini ITX Gaming Motherboard and Graphics Card



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I love using Mini ITX motherboards for gaming systems. I don't need a discrete sound card, just the one video card, and I love the way that a Mini ITX setup feels like no space or slot is wasted.

The only problem I have with Mini ITX systems is the case. Too many of these small cases are just noisy. The Bitfenix Prodigy, which is a popular gaming Mini ITX case, was terribly noisy because the fan from the GPU pushed air through the tiny holes on the side panel. I guess the holes amplified the noise. I had to get rid of that case because I am big on keeping things quiet.



I'm still running this for about 2 years now..

ASRock E350M1 AMD E-350 APU (1.6GHz, Dual-Core) AMD A50M Hudson M1 Mini ITX Motherboard/CPU Combo

4GB RAM and using the onboard videocard (hdmi).

I'm using this just for recording tv shows via usb dongle :)

miniITX are here to stay !!



Always nice to see more high-end mITX boards. Planning on making my next system mITX (although that probably won't be until Skylake, my 2500K is doing great for now).

A little disappointed no one has made a short GTX 770 though. The mini 760's from ASUS and MSI are great, but they don't provide enough power for my needs (max settings at 1440p).

Also, in unrelated news, Dell has announced a 24" 4K monitor with 10bit colour, and the biggest shocker of all: it's available for $1400. They also have plans for a sub-$1000 28" 4K consumer oriented monitor. Maybe we can have a post about this, MaxPC?

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...and here I was, hoping that red meant "Radeon".



Asus was only player before this. There are certain cases that this is needed like the T-100 from Lian Li and also works great in the smaller sugo cases and Silverstone mini fortress. If a 770 card can be shrunk that would be spectacular



I need these now!