MSI Z97 XPower AC Motherboard Comes with Delid Die Guard for Naked Haswell Chips

Paul Lilly

This board is prepped and primed to break world records

MSI is throwing extreme overclockers a mighty big bone in the form of a motherboard . The company's upcoming Z97 XPower AC mobo will feature a "Delid Die Guard" that's measured to specification and designed to protect the CPU core on processors that no longer have an integrated heat spreader (IHS). In case you're unfamiliar, the IHS is that giant metal slab that covers the top of your processor. It's there to pull heat off of the CPU core, which is then transferred to a heatsink with a bit of thermal goo in between to fill in the microscopic nooks and crannies.

Removing the IHS is tricky business and certainly not for the faint of heart. Extreme overclockers are typically about the only ones who ever attempt the procedure, as it gives them direct access to the CPU core for exotic cooling solutions. This in turn allows them to chase world records.

MSI teased the feature on its Facebook page for MSI Europe. If you scroll through the mobo maker's Facebook feed, you'll run into several other related posts regarding its upcoming board. It and other boards like it will feature V-Check Point 2 with two additional ground connectors so that you can use up to three multimeters at the same time. Next generation boards from MSI will also have an OC engine to boost the baseclock of upcoming Haswell chips by 30 percent.

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