MSI X-Slim X610 Notebook Leaked to Web


MSI's upcoming X-Slim X610 notebook has been leaked to the Web , and along with it, a few detailed specs courtesy of Russian site 3DNews.

According to the Russian review site, the X-Slim 610 ditches the Intel Core 2 Solo SU3500 processor found in the X-Slim 600 and instead rolls with AMD's 1.6GHz Athlon MV-40 processor. Not only did performance take a hit as a result of the CPU swap, but the site says battery life was also sacrificed, noting less than two hours of runtime under a heavy load.

Otherwise, the X-610 Slim retains the same 15.6-inch display as MSI's previous version and includes ATI's Mobility Radeon 4330 graphics, a 250GB hard drive, and 4GB of RAM.

No word yet on price or availability, though we imagine it will sell for less than the X-600, which checks in at $800.

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