MSI Touts "Dust Removal Technology" In New Graphics Card

Brad Chacos

You wouldn’t rock a puffy jacket in the summer, would you? Of course not! You’d overheat. So why do you let a six inch layer of dust get your graphics card get all hot and bothered? Cleaning out the grime can cool your PC down, but digging out a can of compressed air and cracking open your PC can take some work. For those time-deprived folks who also want a sparkly-clean PC, MSI’s rolling out products with “Dust Removal Technology.”

The first – and so far, only – product to pack the new tech is the N580GTX Lightning Xtreme Edition . So how’s it work? MSI’s press release holds the answer , and it's pretty simple, actually. “With this technology every time the computer starts up the cooling fan on the graphics card will run in reverse at full speed for 30 seconds. The powerful reverse airflow removes dust clinging to the heat sink fins and fan blades, ensuring optimal cooling performance from the graphics card every time!”

MSI claims that clogged heat sink fans can result in a 60 degree increase in a GPU’s operating temperature. Just in case, the N580GTX Lightning Xtreme Edition packs “Smart Temp Sensor Technology” that shifts the fan’s coloring from blue to white as the operating temperature reaches smoking-hot levels. MSI explains the Dust Removal Technology in video form on its website .

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