MSI to Launch Pine Trail-M Netbooks Before Anyone Else


Late last month, several notable netbook manufactures -- including Asus and Acer -- scrapped plans to launch new netbook models in the second half of this year because of Intel delaying the launch of its Pine Trail-M platform. But according to the latest rumor making the rounds, MSI appears on track to release mobile Pine Trail-based netbooks in time for the holidays, news and rumor site DigiTimes reports .

By launching the new platform ahead of schedule, MSI will get a leg up on the competition and avoid having to compete on price, at least from the outset. Combined with the high anticipation for Windows 7, slated for release on October 22nd, MSI could find itself in a very favorable position this holiday shopping season.

Or maybe not. There remains some question as to how Intel's next-generation Atom processors, codenamed Pineview, will compare to existing parts. The new chips are expected to be mroe energy effecient, but they might not be much faster and they could end up costing more than the currently shipping Atom chips, mobile news site Liliputing says.

Image Credit: MSI

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