MSI Reportedly Slashing up to 20% of its Workforce


There have been a lot of layoffs this year, and it seems recently in particular we've been hearing about companies handing out pink slips. The tough times continue, and this time it's MSI who plans on trimming its workforce , by up to 20 percent and no less than 10 percent, industry sources say.

According to those who claim to be in the know, the layoffs will take place after the holidays in early 2010. MSI will focus on trimming staff in its business units and other departments with excess or overlapping staff, although employees pushing netbook, notebook, and graphics card sales are also under evaluation. It doesn't appear that anyone involved with MSI's motherboard business will be affected.

The rumors, which DigiTimes says MSI has denied, suggest that the layoffs will be primarily aimed at employees with unsatisfactory performance, and as such, the company also plans to hire some new staff.

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