MSI Readies Tablets for Q1 2011 Release

Paul Lilly

Sometime between January and February of 2011, MSI will officially introduce its first 10-inch tablet with Intel hardware and Microsoft software inside, DigiTimes reports . MSI is also planning to launch an ARM-based model powered by Nvidia's Tegra 2 platform and driven by Android 3.0, but this won't come out until April or May, at least a couple of months after the company's Wintel slate debuts.

Just as MSI was (and still is) an active participant in the netbook market, the company seems interested in attacking the tablet sector with that same ferocity. We'll have a better grasp once CES rolls around, at which time MSI is expected to show off several upcoming tablets, some of which will be based on Intel's Oak Trail platform.

This is all good news for consumers, as not only is MSI planning to be an active participant in the tablet market, it will do so while adopting an aggressive pricing strategy, DigiTimes says.

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