MSI R6870 Hawk Sets World Records in 3DMark 05 and 06

Paul Lilly

We've long since retired Futuremark's dated 3DMark 05 and 06 benchmarks, but believe it or not, people are still using them to chase world records in the overclocking community. To wit, a Danish overclocker just set new records in both benchmarks using MSI's R6870 Hawk videocard based on AMD's Radeon HD 6870.

"The MSI R6870 Hawk has increased the phase of the power supply to 8+2 phase, allowing me to operate extreme overclocking on the GPU with the huge amount of current required," overclocking guru "THC" noted . "With MSI's Afterburner triple super-overclocking software, I was able to avoid the risk of damaging the graphics card when making modifications, thus enabling me to effortlessly increase the GPU/memory/VDDCI voltage and break the HD 6870 records for 3DMark 05 and 06."

THC scored 44,563 in 3DMark 05 and 34,471 in the 06 version. Both records required the use of LN2 cooling, which allowed THC to push the GPU to 1325MHz, up from 900MHz on the reference design and 930MHz on the R6870 Hawk at stock.

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