MSI N560GTX-448 Twin Frozr III Power Edition Graphics Card is Begging to be Overclocked

Paul Lilly

MSI's been bitten by the overclocking bug and is hoping you have as well. The company's N560GTX-448 Twin Frozr III Power Edition graphics card is packed with almost as many overclocking amenities as it is syllables, including a Triple Overvoltagle architecture and 6+1 phase PWM design for greater stability when pushing clockspeeds beyond their rated specs.

The Triple Overvoltage technology simply means you can adjust GPU, memory, and PLL voltages with MSI's Afterburner overclocking utility. Along with premium Military Class II components, such as Hi-C capacitors with Tantalum, MSI says you can overclock its card by up to 29 percent.

To keep thermals in check, the card relies on MSI's Twin Frozr III dual-fan cooling solution. Specially crafted blades are supposed to boost airflow by 20 percent compared to conventional fans. Other features include heatpipes and a nickel-plated copper base.

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Image Credit: MSI

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