MSI Has iPad Envy, Plans to Launch $500 Tablet in Second Half of 2010

Paul Lilly

After yesterday's launch, it's hard not to associate the term 'tablet' with Apple's iPad. But if Apple thinks it's going to own the market outright, it better think again. We expect a deluge of tablet PCs to emerge this year and next, including a Tegra-based unit from MSI .

According to MSI sales director Sambora Chen, MSI's tablet will boast a 10-inch color touchscreen with Wi-Fi support. As is the trend, it will be a light-weight unit and ultra-thin, though it won't sacrifice netbook-like capabilities to achieve its portability.

As for the hardware inside, Chen says his company plans on launching different models to fill various market segments, but stopped short of giving any specifics.

Look for MSI to release it's first tablet in the second half of 2010 for $500, the same price as Apple's entry-level iPad.

Image Credit: DigiTimes

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