MSI Gets All Goofy with F Series Laptop Line

Paul Lilly

Quick question -- do you fancy yourself a "global citizen?" If so, then, um, MSI has just the notebook for your, uh, global lifestyle, or so the outfit says. " The new standard for global citizens. " We're not sure what exactly that implies, but for what it's worth, that's the tagline MSI is pitching for its F series laptops. It gets goofier.

"The MSI F series of notebook computers pack Intel and AMD's latest high performance processors, superior display equipment, and exclusive multimedia technologies," MSI begins. "They purr like classic supercars as they provide you the ultimate multimedia experience. Sheathed in MSI's own innovative organic 3D raised totem seal coating, F series laptops represent a green option for today's customer, but don't be fooled -- they have the heart of a racecar ."

It's a little weird, but whatever, we suppose the point MSI is ultimately getting at is that it has a bunch of F series notebooks to choose from, everything from the 14-inch FX400 to the 17-inch FX700, along with some 3D options in between.

Global citizen or not, you can take a peek at the F series lineup here .

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