MSI Demos 3 New Industry-first Concept PCs at CES

Ryan Whitwam

Computer maker MSI is showing off some interesting new PC designs at CES this week. First off, MSI is jumping on the 3D craze with a 3D all-in-one PC. The system will, of course, require glasses, but MSI assures us they will be “comfortable”. The PC will have a reasonably sized 24-inch display. This is designed for 3D gaming and movie viewing.

A second all-in-one is a standard LED backlit LCD, but the case has a bit of a trick. This new concept PC allows users to slide up the screen and store the keyboard behind the screen when not in use. The mouse is also a wireless remote and IP phone.

The final new concept is a fairly interesting one, a projector PC. This is a small form factor PC with a projector in the same case. The projector will apparently be capable of HD resolution. There will be an adjustable stand that holds the case up like any PC, then folds down to point the lens at a wall. Keep an eye out should any of these become real products.

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