MSI Apologizes for Early April Fool's Prank


MSI forum members last week received a mass email imploring them to RTFM (Read The Flipping Manual, to put it nicely). Those who didn't would be refused support, and MSI would know, thanks to an RTFM-chip.

The poorly worded email (see here ) claimed MSI was "fed up" with providing unnecessary support for issues that could have been resolved by spending a few minutes reading the manual. The solution? Install a special chip on some MSI products designed to tell if you've done your homework or not.

"As soon as you start Windows we are informed about your settings and manual readings," the email states. "MSI [has] decided to ban people from support, RMA, and the forum who has done the damage themselves or didn't read the manual the first of next month. We know who you are, and we have gathered enough information via our RTFM-chip."

An obvious ruse, some people apparently took the email seriously, enough so that MSI issued an apology .

"We are sorry people took this prank for serious," says a forum post and email message from the company's support team head. "We thought of this prank after answering the many posts where people ask the obvious that is already in the manual."

Welcome to tech support, fellas.

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