MSI Announces B3 Revision Sandy Bridge Boards

Paul Lilly

We'll assume you're up to speed on the whole Sandy Bridge situation that's been covered at length here and elsewhere on the Web, but when new boards do start rolling off the assembly line, how can you be sure you're getting the newest revision? With regards to MSI, the company plans to slap a B3 revision sticker on updated P67 and H67 motherboards. There's another way you can ensure you don't get stuck with old inventory.

Wait until April, pay attention to the news, and buy from reputable vendors. While Intel has been supplying OEMs with updated chipsets, these aren't expected in the retail channel until April, though it's possible they could ship sooner. MSI has already announced a bunch of B3 revision boards with new naming schemes, and we suspect other board makers will follow MSI's lead. One of those is the Big Bang-Marshal (B3), an Intel P67-based board that MSI advertises as "B3 Stepping Ready," which probably isn't the best way to word it. Nevertheless, MSI says "consumers can now identify the latest MSI P67/H67 mainboards equipped with the Intel B3 stepping chipset with the MSI B3 Stepping Ready logo."

That's just one of eight revised boards MSI has listed on its website, the others being the P67A-GD80, P67A-GD65, P67A-GD55, P67A-GD35, P67A-C45, P67A-C43, and P67S-C43.

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