MPAA Suffers Serious Layoffs

Paul Lilly

Citing an un-named studio source, CNet says the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) has gone through a "significant" round layoffs. Significant in this case means over 10 percent, with even more layoffs on the way, according to the source.

The MPAA apparently confirmed the layoffs to CNet, but wasn't as forthcoming on the exact number. Nor did the company say how the staff reduction would affect its antipiracy efforts, including its current legal battle against RealDVD over alleged copyright infringement, which is scheduled to go to court again on April 1. But an MPAA spokeswoman did say that its leadership is mostly unaffected, perhaps suggesting that the trade group has no plans of letting up its copyright crusade on behalf of the six largest film studios it represents.

Image Credit: MPAA

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