MPAA DRM Site Hacked by Anonymous

Ryan Whitwam

The MPAA's DRM promotional site is the latest victim of the internet machine that is Anonymous. The loosely affiliated group of hackers replaced the page with a manifesto regarding the state of copy protection technologies in digital media. The hacked site also showed a graphic based on the Pirate Bay logo reading, "Operation: Payback". After a few moments, the site would redirect users to the Pirate Bay. is currently still down, but the Anonymous content is gone.

The posting read in part, " You are forcing our hand by ignoring the voice of the people. In doing so, you bring the destruction of your iron grip of information ever closer. You have ignored the people, attacked the people and lied to the people. For this, you will be held accountable before the people, and you will be punished by them.” It is unclear what further action Anonymous will take in Operation: Payback, but they will probably make sure we know about it.

This is just the latest step in Anonymous' underground war against copyright holders. Recent DDoS attacks against the MPAA, RIAA, and the Ministry of Sound have drawn attention. Do you think these efforts are unethical, or is it a proportional response to the actions of copyright holders?

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