Mozilla Updates Plan to Sell Sponsored Ads in Firefox's Tab Page



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Mozilla should do Ferry service in the SF bay area. Load it up with advertisement decor. And let people browse the internet for free as they cross.(you heard it here first if it happens)


Mighty BOB!




I just installed the "new" Firefox to see what has changed after all these years. I guess I'll just uninstall it...



Firefox will be history in two years if this trend continues.



If or when they do that I bet there will be a plugin made by someone to disable it



What does 32-bit FireFox have that 64-bit WaterFox does not?

I may be missing something, but why am I running *Fox browser in WOW32 on an x64 system, when I can run WaterFox natively?



Nothing, as far as I can tell. I switched over to Waterfox and I don't miss FF a bit. It's not as awesome as I had hoped (Javascript can still lag the "ui thread", many tabs slow browser, Waterfox project screws candidly screws over AMD hardware...) but it > FF.



I'm guessing that most readers here are pretty ad combat savvy having navigated the onslaught of ads here on MaxPC.

With that said I'm off to go visit one your advertisers and learn more about the "12 Truths about Staying in a Hostel"- hmmm sounds interesting- and looks even more so.



So long as Firefox is open-source, there will be projects like Palemoon that cater to users who don't like what the mother ship is doing. I run Palemoon mostly because it offers an optimized 64-bit build of a stable version of Firefox plus forward-sliding security patches. Given that he's already eschewed some of the more radical interface changes, I seriously doubt somebody that goes by the name "Moonchild" (M.C. Straver, the developer) is going to put up with ads anywhere in the product.

TL;DR: Let them include ads. The open source community will take them back out.



I have not seen them ask anywhere, and maybe there's some ulterior motive for that oversight, but I'll throw it out here anyway: What do I want to see when I open a new tab? NOTHING. No recommendation, no ad, just a blank screen.

Fear not, oh concerned browser author, I will fill it with a web page soon enough. That is truly nothing you need be concerned about. Instead, please direct your concern and talent to more stability, security and efficiency in your fine product. Thank you ever so much.



If Mozilla doesn't reverse the counterproductive changes in FF29, the question of advertising is going to be irrelevant. There's no way I'm upgrading from my ad-free pre-Arsetralis version, and the various forked variants are looking better all the time.



It's my understanding that almost all of their revenue comes from using Google as their default search engine. They gotta diversify if they want to stick around, because Google could end that contract and put Mozilla in a pretty rough spot. Firefox isn't a crowd-sourced hobby project, so it needs money coming in from somewhere, to pay people to work on it full-time. So if you can't charge for it, the next step is usually ad support. If the users reject that, Mozilla will have to get pretty creative.



The experience of using a web browser hasn't changed significantly since Netscape became Firefox. How many paid programmers do you really think they need to stay on top of the slowly evolving w3 guidelines? What percentage of useful features do you think have been added by the paid staff, as opposed to the outside contributors? If they're worried about money, they should start publicly firing a programmer every time a security bug that puts its users at risk is found - that'd be awesome!

Should Mozilla diversify? Sure, why not. But they should do so by introducing new products and services, rather than trying to cram more crap into a browser that folks expect to change as slowly as the way they use the Internet changes.



...he did admit that "sponsorship would be the next stage" once the company is confident it can deliver value to Firefox users.

So is that code for, no matter what, you're eventually going to get "spammed"? How long would it be before they would frown on developers who bypass the FF homepage/new tab page, with the likes of my favorite; New Tab Homepage? (opens every new tab to my homepage)