Mozilla Experiments with Ads in Firefox Nightly Build



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You don't put advertising in your browser, ever. Keep the program as efficient and clean as possible. You can charge $5 for your browser and advertise new features on Steam or Origin if you need cash, someone out there will pay.



As long as it keeps 100% free of analytic tracking and any sort of invasive breach of privacy, even if I choose to opt-out of it; while maintaining a professional, respectable, and clean environment, I'm fine with it. Not sure what others think about it though.
I'm hesitant to trust any form of advertising any more.



I don't get all the rage. They've been giving us this program for free forever now and now they need to make a little revenue and they put ads in a screen that a majority of people never even see and everyone loses their minds.



I haven't been using FF since it adopted that asinine Australis (aka "Chrome Ripoff") layout. Having the tabs _above_ the location bar is ridiculous so I switched to the only 64 bit FF-based browser that is anti-Australis that I knew of: Pale Moon.

BTW, what's the point of ads that just show up and aren't tracking us? I thought that "Pay per view" revenue schemes for ads were tiny since the 90s?



Once Firefox started looking like Chrome that was the last straw for me, and I just switched to Chrome instead of using a look alike. Firefox has always felt slow, sluggish, and crashed a lot for me in the last couple years.



I use firefox and I like it but when they start with advertising tabs then it will be time to switch browsers.



Well, it's a good thing I never look at the "new tab" page



Still rocking firefox v28.0 and happy :)



I've got no problem with Mozilla trying to pull in some revenue. But I totally resent them trying to grab revenue from customers that they clearly don't care about.

Mozilla isn't listening any more, but I want to state for the pages of history that I'd happily send them a big fat check any time, if they'd dump the idiotic Australis Chrome-clone strategy, return to the fundamentals of power and flexibility, and start turning out substantive improvements in the base product.

Instead, I'm on Cyberfox 28, probably forever. (Because even Cyberfox caved to Australis, for fear of creating incompatibility.) Take your tiled ads, Mozilla, and shove 'em up your antipodes.




If Mozilla would listen to users and drop Australis (and any further attempt to ape Chrome -- which itself is just Google trying to be Apple) -- I'd pay for the browser. I'd even go for an annual subscription model like I already do with my anti-virus/malware/firewall. Hey! That seems like a great bundle: first-class Internet security that includes an open source, power-user friendly browser with a library of thousands of great extensions. And CHOICE of UI experience! Let Australis be one of several options if it must be suffered to exist.

Sticking with Pale Moon x64 for as long as they hold out against the googapplfication tide threatening to streamline us all into the same lump of shiny white paste.