Mozilla Urges Firefox Users to Update to 3.6

Pulkit Chandna

Firefox 3.6 has recorded over 100 million downloads during the past 50 days, according to a new post  by Melissa Shapiro on Mozilla's official blog . Now, Mozilla wants Firefox loyalists still holding onto older versions of the browser to make the leap to the latest version. To this end, people running older versions will begin seeing a pop-up message to inform them about the latest version and urge them to update.

They will have to pick either one of the three options available to them: Ask Later, No Thanks, or Get the New Version. Mozilla also tried to address a widespread apprehension that already installed Firefox add-ons and Firefox 3.6 may prove to be incongruous. “It’s fast, stable, compatible with over 90% of the thousands of Firefox Add-ons, and contains new features such as lightweight themes and plugin version checking,” Shapiro wrote in a clear bid to allay such fears.

Image Credit: Mozilla

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