Mozilla to Take on Chromecast with Firefox OS-running Device (Updated)

Pulkit Chandna

Prototype already in hands of a select group of developers

Update: A Mozilla spokesperson has contacted us to clarify that the HDMI streaming stick pictured here is not a Mozilla project, but one being undertaken by hardware manufacturer aBitCool with some engineering assistance from the browser vendor. The aBitCool-manufactured stick will be availble across the world later this year. No pricing is available at this stage, though.

Google’s nearly year-old Chromecast dongle is about to get some fresh competition. Mozilla is gearing up to take on the $35 Chromecast with a Firefox OS-powered media streaming stick . The company’s plans came to light a few days back when a Mozilla evangelist shared a photo of a “fully open TV casting prototype device running Firefox OS” via Twitter.

Mozilla evangelist Christian Heilmann’s tweet outing the prototype was soon followed by a blog post containing a video of the said device (below) over at Gigaom. In the post, author Janko Roettgers describes the still unnamed streaming device as being part of an “ambitious project that aims to combine Mozilla’s commitment to openness with a Chromecast-like media streaming device,” adding that he has been closely monitoring the effort for some time now.

Per Roettgers, the device, which is currently in the possession of a handful of developers, can also run a number of Chromecast apps. Further, unlike Google’s dongle, the Firefox OS-powered device won’t be accompanied by any content restrictions. If that’s not enough, it will come with an open boot loader and support casting from almost all major platforms.

Image Credit: Christian Heilmann

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