Mozilla Sticks Hand Out, Asks for Spare Change

Paul Lilly

Over the next three years, Mozilla will collect $900 million from Google as agreed upon in a recently renewed and extended search deal that will keep Google as the default search engine in Firefox. That's a three-fold increase annually over the previous search deal, which in 2010 worked out to $103 million, or 84 percent of Mozilla's revenue. Now Mozilla is imploring Firefox users to donate $10 or more.

Mozilla sent an email out to all known Firefox users asking for tax-deductible donations and explaining why it wants them. It has nothing to do with greed.

"Mozilla is a global non-profit fighting to keep the Internet safe, accessible, and awesome," Mozilla stated in an email. "Our goal is to put the power of the Web in people's hands and to innovate for users everywhere. That means a better experience for you and a brighter future for the Web."

The browser maker even put together a three minute video (embedded above) outlining its idealistic view of the Web.

"Mozilla is always developing new projects that allow people to dream, discover and create online. Whether it's Hackasaurus, our project that teaches kids to remix and shape the Web in a way that sets them up for a lifetime of creation, or Popcorn, which lets anyone bring the Web into video, we're building software and programs that will create the next generation of webmakers . But as a non-profit, we can only do that if folks just like you support us," Mozilla said.

If Mozilla's plea worked and you feel like handing over some cash, you can make a donation here . And if not, well, carry on.

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