Mozilla Silences Updates in Firefox 15 Released Today

Paul Lilly

Mozilla took another page from Google Chrome when designing Firefox 15, which was released today. Like Chrome, the new version of Firefox features silent updates that are downloaded and installed in the background. Once installed, Firefox seamlessly and quickly switches to the new version the next time the end user exits and restarts his or her browser session.

"This was one of the scariest projects that I've ever worked on, since messing something up in the updater component could have catastrophic consequences in case it prevents users from being able to update to newer Firefox revisions. I'm happy that the results of this project will soon get in the hands of millions of Firefox users," Mozilla developer Ehsan Akhgari wrote in a blog post .

Other features included in Firefox 15 are several built-in development tools, WebGL enhancements (including compressed textures for better performance), and of course the usual assortment of bug fixes. Mozilla said it also made more optimizations to memory usage for add-ons, further chasing a cure for the common memory leak issues that have plagued some users.

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