Mozilla Rids of .Net-hatin' Firefox 3.5, Replaces it with a Friendlier Version

Paul Lilly

If you're a Firefox user, you may want to check which version you're running. That's because Dana Blankenhorn over at ZDNet has apparently discovered that Firefox 3.5 kills support for Microsoft .Net Framework Assistant 1.0, and while that may put a smile on some open-source fans' faces who despise everything Microsoft, it's a different story for programmers who require .Net support.

As long as you're running the most recent version of Firefox, this looks to be a moot issue. Released earlier this month, Firefox 3.5.2 appears to play nice with .Net, with our add-ons manager showing Microsoft .Net Framework Assistant 1.1 installed. We're also given the option to uninstall it, which hasn't always been the case with previous versions.

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