Mozilla Releases Fennec Alpha for N900 and Android

Ryan Whitwam

Mozilla has announced today that the first alpha release of Fennec (mobile Firefox) is ready for mass consumption on the N900, and Android 2.0+. The N900 version has already been posted on the Mozilla site, we expect the Android version to be up soon. One of the main selling points is full Fennec integration with Firefox Sync, a tool that can keep your tabs, history, and bookmarks synchronized across your devices.

Mozilla has been working to make the browser smoother, which is great news to anyone who tried the previous early preview builds. Fennec does this by keeping the browser UI in a separate process from the rendering engine. Actions like scrolling and zooming should get more fluid as the product moves toward a final release.

Mozilla has posted a vide demo of Fennec on Android. While it is looking much improved, they clearly have a way to go. This whole time, Google is improving the Android browser. By the time Fennec is done, it may have already been surpassed in features. Are you anxiously anticipating Fennec?

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