Mozilla Ready to Kill Firefox 2 Support

Paul Lilly

If you haven't yet made the plunge to Firefox 3.0, you might want to put it near the top of your to-do list (don' forget to call your mother as well). Should it still slip your mind, Mozilla will actively be encouraging users to upgrade.

"With the holidays fast approaching, later today Mozilla will start offering a gift to Firefox users - a free upgrade to Firefox 3.0.4," Mozilla wrote in a blog post , "the very latest and best browser from Mozilla offering more speed, requiring less memory, and providing the safest and easiest web browsing experience available."

Yes, Firefox is still free, despite what we assume is a tongue-in-cheek blog. But it's not all a laughing matter. According to TGDaily, Mozilla might be making plans to kill off support for Firefox 2.0. Should that happen, those using the older browser could find themselves at increased risk of attack, particularly as hackers have now started targeting Firefox with malware written solely for the open-source browser.

Image Credit: Mozilla

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