Mozilla Reaches Out to Firefox Users to Hug Away Privacy Concerns

Paul Lilly

Between Facebook's tell-all Timeline feature that's being rolled out, Google's revamped privacy policy changes , and the whole SOPA/PIPA/ACTA ordeal , the Internet community is understandably on edge. Mozilla is using the situation to its advantage and has begun mass mailing Firefox users with the subject line, "How Mozilla Protects Your Privacy."

"You are receiving this email as part of our yearly outreach for International Data Privacy Day. Your privacy is important to us and we'd like to share how we work to protect it," Mozilla starts out .

The not-for-profit open-source software entity proceeds to list what it calls six core privacy principles that guide the company when it comes to your data, the first one being a pledge for no surprises.

"Sure, most of us like surprises, but not when it comes to what's happening with our data," Mozilla states. "At Mozilla, we only use and share information about you for your benefit and as spelled out in our notices. What you get for your birthday should be a surprise. What we do with your data shouldn't be."

Other ways in which Mozilla says it has your best privacy interests in mind is by giving users real choices over browser behavior, sensible settings that balance safety and user experience, limited data collection, user control over personal information such as offering a Do Not Track Feature, and working with trusted third parties .

You can read Mozilla's privacy policy here .

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