Mozilla Prepares Firefox 3.5 for Possible Tuesday Release

Maximum PC Staff

Betanews claims to have confirmed the official release date of Firefox 3.5, and if correct, it could be as early as Tuesday June 30th. Once out of beta, everyone will have the opportunity to test out a stable version of Firefox’s new TraceMonkey JavaScript engine. Early tests of the public beta have been impressive, and have pegged TraceMonkey performance at over 200 per cent faster than the previous version, Firefox 3.0.11. These same tests showed both Safari 4 and the Chrome 3 leaving Firefox 3.5 in the dust, but it’s a bit early to jump to conclusions until we can compare the released version of all three browsers side by side. Until then, check out our in-depth preview of the Firefox 3.5 RC.

Mozilla is also hoping that Firefox 3.5 will help them champion the open HTML5 standard, and start putting a dent in proprietary video technologies such as Adobe Flash or Windows Media. HTML5 has seen a lot of support from third party browser developers lately, and could prove to be a very capable and flexible alternative. “Somebody has to take a stand” said Mozilla senior platform engineer Damon Sicore. "Somebody has to put open video on the Web. It's important that these formats are unencumbered. We feel that it's something that's in our mission that we have to do to keep them moving forward, in keeping the Web open."

Have you been playing with the Beta or RC version of Firefox 3.5, or do you like to wait for the final release?

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