Mozilla Postpones "Advertised Update" for Firefox 3.6 Holdouts

Pulkit Chandna

Mozilla may have moved to a rapid release cycle, but there are a lot of Firefox users who are still using version 3.6 from the pre-rapid-release-cycle era. The browser vendor on Monday announced that it planned to offer an “advertised update” to Firefox 3.6 users on Thursday, requesting them to update to the latest version of the popular browser. However, there was no sign of such an advertised update on the designated day.

Actually, the advertised update, which is also sometimes called a “major update”, has been postponed. This is what Christian Legnitto, a Firefox release manager at Mozilla, had to say in a blog post: “The previously scheduled 3.6 → 7.0.1 advertised update is now postponed while we make sure our server capacity is sufficient for release. Once the investigation is complete I will communicate a new date well in advance so all stakeholders can plan accordingly.I apologize for any churn this may have caused.”

The advertised update is nothing more than an opt-in prompt. Even if the user declines, they continue to receive “security updates until the next time we decide to prompt.” According to Mozilla, the advertised update - whenever it comes - will have no bearing on support levels.

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