Mozilla May Have Plugged Firefox's Memory Leak Once and For All

Paul Lilly

Mozilla's Firefox browser rose to prominence by doing things Microsoft's Internet Explorer refused to do, like tabbed browsing, providing frequent updates (five years passed between the release of IE 6 and IE 7), playing nice with Web standards, and supporting extensions. But if Firefox has an Achilles heel, it's the browser's notorious memory leak problem that some users have reported with each and every release. Word on the Web is that Mozilla may have finally found a permanent solution.

According to The Inquirer , Mozilla identified an issue with the JavaScript engine in Firefox and has come up with a fix that, so far, appears promising. Testers are reporting that all is well with the new scheme, noting reduced memory utilization.

Part of the problem with Firefox's memory issue(s) is that the browser uses 1MB chunks to keep system objects alive, and that can lead to bloat over time. The solution, it appears, is to increase the frequency of garbage collection.

Pending further tests, The Inquirer says this could be incorporated into Firefox 7.

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