Mozilla Lightbeam Tracks Your Online Activity

Brittany Vincent

See who's tracking your online browsing with this new add-on

Online privacy is already tough to nail down, and everywhere you go on the internet retains little traces of your presence. You're still easily traceable, even if you take more precautions than the average user takes. Lightbeam (via PC World ), is an interesting new add-on from Mozilla, is an informative new tool that shows us exactly which sites are tracking or otherwise gleaning data from you.

This cool little tool offers an exciting infographic that provides an interactive visualization of how you use the internet. When you visit a new website, this is reported via Lightbeam with a circle. A triangle appears to denote third-party sites that are receiving information from that page you just visited. Hopping from page to page is connected with a line, with purple lines denoting cookies.

Lightbeam is useful when it comes to highlighting sites you normally visit and who's getting your information, plus it organizes all of these links in an attractive way. Give it a look and let us know what you think.

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