Mozilla Firefox 13 Hits Release Channel, Brings New Homepage and Tabs

Paul Lilly

The latest and greatest version of Mozilla's Firefox web browser -- Firefox 13 -- doesn't alter the browser scene with earth shaking innovation or groundbreaking feature additions, nor have we come to expect such gargantuan leaps in browser development since Mozilla swithced to a rapid release schedule. That said, there is a new version of Firefox on the Release channel, and here's what it brings to the table.

First and foremost, Firefox's new default homepage offers quicker access to bookmarks, history, settings, and more. The other notable change has to do with tabs. When opening a new tab, Firefox presents users with their most visited pages.

Other than those two additions, Mozilla mainly just sprinkled in a few changes to how the browser behaves and resolved a bunch of bugs, as it usually does with each new Firefox release. Restored background tabs are no longer loaded by default, a move intended to speed up the startup process, and smooth scrolling is now enabled by default. On the developer side, Mozilla said it made 72 total improvements to Page Inspector, HTML panel, Style Inspector, Scratchpad, and Style Editor.

The complete list of changes is here , and you can download the latest Firefox release here .

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