Mozilla Developer Preview Now Available for Download

Paul Lilly

Mozilla today made its Mozilla Developer Preview available for anyone who wants to play around with it. This marks the second pre-release version of the Gecko 1.9.3 platform.

The biggest news with this latest release is the out-of-process plugin support. Plugins, such as Flash and Silverlight, now run in a separate process similar to Chrome, so if a plugin goes belly up, it won't crash the browser along with it. In addition, unresponsive plugins are automatically restarted in the developer preview.

There have also been several performance improvements made to the engine, including the removal of link history lookup from the main thread. Combined with making this asynchronous, Mozilla says this results in less I/O during page loads. Loading HTML5 spec purportedly no longer causes long browser pauses, and there have been several enhancements to the JavaScript engine resulting in better string handling and faster closures.

See here for a full list of features and download information.

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