Mozilla And Microsoft Introduce "Firefox With Bing"

Brad Chacos

For a long time, Mozilla and Google were a match made in heaven. Both of them were spunky open-source aficionado and that common goal sent them into each other’s arms; even now, the vast majority of Mozilla’s funding comes from a search deal between the two organizations. Then, with the launch of Chrome, things got complicated. Google wasn’t quite the same search engine Firefox fell in love with. And now, Mozilla is officially Keeping Its Options Open with the unveiling of the new “Firefox with Bing” Browser.

The name pretty much says it all. It’s the same Firefox you know and love/hate, but with Microsoft’s Bing replacing Google as the default search engine and homepage. It isn’t a complete split for Google and Mozilla, though; while Microsoft hosts the simply named Firefox with Bing page , the version of Firefox found at still packs in Google. But could Firefox with Bing a taste of the future? We may know soon enough – the agreement between Mozilla and Google is set to end next month.

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