Movies on Your iPhone? Apple Buys Several Projector-Related Patents

Paul Lilly

We've known for some time that Apple would like to cram a projector into its next iPhone, but are they on track to really do so? It looks that way, at least according to a handful of patents Apple has applied for.

The latest projector-related patent seems to describe a few different types of projection systems, including one in which a projector could be shared simultaneously by several devices over a wireless network.

"According to Apple's patent, the projector could be integrated into a dedicated remote controller associated with the projection system or it could be offered as an auxiliary client device such as an iPhone, iPod touch, or laptop," writes.

What exactly Apple is up to remains a mystery, if not an intriguing one. In one of the pictures Apple provides, you see what looks like an iPhone attached to Nintendo's Wii console and beaming the gaming action on the wall. This is just one of many examples, all of which you can see here .

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