Movie Rental Service Zediva Shut Down by Courts

Ryan Whitwam

Well, it was fun while it lasted. Zediva, a video rental service that tried an end run around copyright law, has been ordered shut down by a federal judge. US District Judge John Walter sided with the MPAA and issued a preliminary injunction that will force Zediva to close down in one week.

Zediva cleverly billed itself as a DVD rental service. The twist was that users would “rent” a DVD and DVD player in the Zediva facility. The video from their rental would be streamed via the Internet. Customers would control the DVD player via the Internet as well. Zediva said it was no different than “a DVD player with a really long cable attached.”

Zediva says it will continue to fight, but without a viable business model to feed the lawyers, they probably don’t stand much of a chance against the MPAA’s legions. The judge also seemed to shoot down Zediva’s legal arguments. He said simply that Zediva “transmits performances”, and that is against the statutes. The site is currently up in case you want to infringe some copyrights.

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