Move Over Touch, Gesture Control for Android Phones is Here

Pulkit Chandna

If Israeli company eyeSight has its way then all gadgets with front-facing cameras will be strictly controlled by hand gestures. The company today announced the launch of its flagship Natural User Interface (NUI) technology for Android devices – already available for Nokia handsets, inviting manufacturers to use it in their forthcoming devices.

The technology depends on advanced algorithms for interpreting hand gestures. This requires real-time processing of images received from the device’s built-in camera.

The technology only appears to support simple hand gestures at the moment. “Users of Android devices can now silence an incoming call, navigate between GPS menus, activate their MP3 player, play games and carry many other tasks by simply swiping their hand over the device,” eyeSight said in a press release.

The technology might sound really exciting at first but it begins to lose that initial appeal in a hurry when you are made to think of a practical use for it. Perhaps for this very reason, it has proved to be a dud on Nokia phones.

Image Credit: GigaOm

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