Motorola Xoom Launch Date Leaked: Feb 17th at Best Buy for $699



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Well,I read more than one Xoom review and all the facts point to a clear advantage for Xoom.Perhaps the most important part of the Xoom is not the hardware, or even the apps, but rather the OS. Android 3.0 Honeycomb is the first version of Google's Android operating system that comes properly optimized for tablet devices.I think the Xoom takes on IPad 2 if one takes into consideration the cameras, the superior web browsing client and the added processing power.



I thought the Ipad was over priced when it first came out(and yes a bought a 16gb wifi version, no other choices at the time)

But this is to much for this hardware and OS, these are just glorified netbooks and I won't buy another one until the price is more in line with netbooks



I don't care about the Xoom - I want to know when the Atrix will be out.


Fecal Face

Hey look, another great tablet that costs too much for me to even consider. Sweet :D



Yup. I really don't know what these companies are thinking. Why would I buy a tablet for the same or more than I could get a full-fledged laptop? Who wants to pay more and get less?

I can buy almost 3 Nook Colors for this price. It's pretty stupid.