Motorola Xoom Shipping Without Flash Support?

Paul Lilly

More details continue to emerge as the Motorola Xoom inches closer to launch. We recently learned the Xoom 3G would ship for $800, while the Wi-Fi only version will ship for $600. That's a bit higher than some had hoped, and now it's looking like it won't ship with Flash support until later this year, according to an ad on Verizon Wireless' website.

The recently posted ad touts the much anticipated Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) tablet and lays out the pertinent specs at a glance, and even makes it a point to say that it's "fully Flash-enabled for video-rich Web," a tidbit Verizon lists right next to the 1GHz dual-core processor. But there's also this disclaimer in the fine print:

"Adobe Flash expected Sring 2011."

That means it won't launch with Flash support, one of the most criticized missing features of Apple's iPad tablet. Unlike the iPad, however, Flash support for the Xoom is on its way. Cross your fingers there won't be any delays.

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