Motorola, Verizon Tag Teaming New TV Tablet to Take on the iPad

Paul Lilly

You didn't really think we'd get through the week without yet another tablet announcement, did you? That's just crazy talk, man, and Motorola will have none of it. Neither will Verizon.

According to a report in the Financial Times, Motorola is hard at work putting together a tablet that will allow users to watch televisions programs on its 10-inch screen. Google's Android platform will provide the foundation, but it's Verizon's FiOS digital pay-televisions service that sets this device apart.

Citing "people briefed on the plans," FT says Motorola is working closely with Verizon to tie its device in with the wireless carrier's FiOS service. It should also be noted that Motorola currently builds the TV set-top boxes for the FiOS television service, so this wouldn't be a giant leap for the two companies.

Other details are few and far between, though FT believes Motorola is trying to trump Apple's iPad on a variety of fronts, including making the device thinner and lighter, and addressing some of the iPad's missing features, like Flash support and dual cameras.

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