Motorola Sues Apple Over iPhone 4S, iCloud

Ryan Whitwam

Motorola filed a new patent infringement suit of its own against Apple today, and it targets the iPhone 4S and iCloud. Motorola cites six patents that it has used against Apple before as proof of Apple’s infringement. Interestingly, Google’s merger agreement with Motorola prohibits the later from filing any new patent suits without getting permission from Google first. Presumably, this means Google gave Moto the go-ahead to sue Apple.

The patents cover various bits of cellular technology, including hidden antenna design, data filtering, and “pager status” sync. The last technology, related to cellular radios, has been at the center of Motorola’s German infringement suit. This patent is seen as very strong, and has been upheld in the German case. Motorola also successfully defended itself in the ITC from a recent Apple lawsuit.

Motorola could be looking to make a quick buck while the Google acquisition continues to worm its way through regulatory agencies. In the not too distant future, it might be Google and Apple themselves at war as the Motorola proxy is absorbed by Google.

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