Motorola Plans To Update Some Devices To Android 4.0 Within Six Weeks

Ryan Whitwam

The bane of every Android user’s existence is the update cycle. Just because Google has updated the platform doesn’t mean that every device maker will be able to get an update to every phone in short order; or at all. That’s why Motorola’s new statement via Twitter is so surprising. In a series of Tweets, the OEM has confirmed that 6 weeks after the code is available, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich will be in the hands of some Moto users.

After a little clarification, Motorola has confirmed that there will be updates for three devices in the specified time frame. The devices called out are the Droid RAZR, Bionic, and Xoom tablet. At that point, the company says it will make a decision on other devices. We would be surprised if other phones like the Droid X2 and Photon 4G don’t also get the tasty new Google treat.

Motorola releases a huge number of devices, so it is unlikely it will have the resources to properly update all of them. The Google buyout could also complicate matters and delay updates. Do you have a Motorola device with an uncertain future? Considering the trouble in unlocking the bootloaders, are you annoyed at the lack of information?

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