Motorola Maserati (Droid 4) Rolls into View

Paul Lilly

When it launches, Motorola's Maserati will be known as the Droid 4, so that should alleviate any confusion as to whether Motorola's getting into the automobile business (it's not). Hardcore typists who want nothing to do with a virtual keyboard and prefer to pilot a physical plank will want to take the Droid 4 out for a spin, on 4G LTE highways, no less. got its hands on a few leaked photos of the Droid 4 and was able to dig up some specs. According to the site's sources, the physical keyboard, which is the best "ever seen on a smartphone," is just one of several features to be excited about.

The Droid 4 will ride into town with a 4-inch Super AMOLED windshield, a RAZR style chassis, 4G LTE support, 1080p video recording, front-facing camera, HDMI, MotoACTV syncing, and Android 2.3.5 in the driver's seat.

What isn't yet known is the processor (probably a dual-core chip clocked above 1GHz), RAM, and included storage space. One downer though is a battery that's non-removable -- how Apple-esque.

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