Motorola Droid Getting Android Froyo Update Next Week

Ryan Whitwam

Until now, only users of Google's tragically short lived Nexus One had access to Android 2.2 (codenamed Froyo), but according to a communiqué from Verizon, the original Droid will be getting the update next week . This is big news for a large segment of the Android user base as the Droid was a very popular phone.

Android 2.2 brings some useful new features to the platform. For instance, Google's new Jun-in-time compiler speeds up applications dramatically, and the browsers new JavaScript V8 engine makes web pages render much faster. We're going to be very interested to see how Motorola handles the mobile Wi-Fi hotspot functionality that Google added to Froyo. Carriers usually like to charge for the service, but there is no mechanism for that in Froyo. Many believe it will be removed altogether.

No word on updates for the Droid Incredible or Droid X as of yet. Though, with their skinned versions of Android updates are likely to take a little longer. Any Droid users out there jumping with joy?

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