Motorola Developing Android-powered Set Top Box for Japanese Carrier

Pulkit Chandna

Asus and HP are both avowedly toying with the idea of Android-based netbooks. Both of them have, in fact, assigned engineers to the task of porting Android to netbooks. But Android won’t remain confined to just cell phones and netbooks by the looks of things.

Android may become the darling of embedded system manufacturers as well. Motorola is reportedly building an Android-based TV set top box for Japanese carrier KDDI.

According to, the set top box, which is called “au Box”, will be showcased this October during Japan’s largest consumer electronics show CEATEC . The “au Box” will let users play and rip CDs. Users will be able to transfer music and video stored on the device to their cell phones or PMPs using a USB link. Also, it is capable of playing DVDs.

Image Credit: AndroidGuys

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