Motorola Convinces German Court to Ban Windows 7, Xbox 360 Console

Paul Lilly

Motorola Mobility has won an injunction against several Microsoft properties in Germany, including Windows 7, Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player, and even the Xbox 360 game console. After initially postponing the ruling, Judge Dr. Holger Kircher of the Landgericht Mannheim (Mannheim Regional Court) issued his ruling on four of Motorola's complaints against Microsoft, ultimately awarding the mobile device maker an injunction against Microsoft on two patents.

Foss Patents, which first reported on the ruling, says the patents pertain to an "adaptive motion compensation using a plurarlity of motion compensators" and an "adaptive compression of digital video data." These are a pair of old patents that are tied into the H.264 video codec standard.

Winning the injunction came easy, according to Foss Patents, and the real challenge will be in actually enforcing the ban of Microsoft's four popular products named above. It's a given that Microsoft will appeal ruling, and by doing so, Motorola would be on the hook for any damages that arise from a premature enforcement if a court later decides the injunction was bogus. If Motorola wants to take that risk -- and it's a big one -- the company would have to pony up a security bond worth "hundreds of millions of euros."

Foss Patents had plenty more to say on the matter, which you can read here .

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