MotoACTV Android Watch Rooted, Ready for Modding

Ryan Whitwam

Another Android device rooted and cracked open for the modding community? Yawn, right? Well, when that Android device also happens to be a watch, things get a little more interesting. The Motorola ACTV is a sports watch that runs Android and connects wirelessly with Android devices. With a little hacking around, it can now run Android apps on its tiny 1.6-inch screen.

The ACTV runs Android 2.3 Gingerbread beneath a heavily customized interface suited for a small screen. By using the ZergRuch exploit, modders were able to open the device up and install the Android Market and other Google Apps on it. With a custom launcher, the ACTV is a totally new device, though not terribly usable.

This isn’t going to suddenly make the ACTV a must-have accessory. It’s still a pricey add-on that most users won’t need. This is just another example of the Android community doing what it does best.

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