Motherboard Makers Turning to Alternative Products for Bigger Profits



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Paul, look at the market share numbers.

There are 3 horses left in the race (Lenovo, Dell, and HP). Out of the ponies in the next section (Sony, Samsung, Toshiba, Apple, Fujitsu, and a couple of others), Sony and Samsung are giving up. The rest are the donkeys (white box, and local players).

These cheaper vendors (AsRock and MSI) make good products, but I wouldn't buy a server from AsRock, or a gaming PC from MSI. I'd go to the top 3 for that, especially with Lenovo and IBM joining forces on servers. I would work to do what I can in the enthusiast market because the whitebox share is shrinking. Look at the IDC and Gartner data (and do the math yourself - there were errors in the numbers) - the top 3 grew, and everyone else shrunk.



Hmmmm. And where would you put Sager/Clevo with your Horse-Pony-Seahorse scale?



So you'd go for the top 3 for a gaming PC. Out of those 3, only Dell really makes them, and that is under the Alienware brand. I can get an MSI of comparable parts for a lot cheaper, and it have a big 1080p screen while the Alienware will have the 14" 720p.

I have read nothing but good reviews about the MSI gaming laptops, and plan on getting one in a few months, and giving my POS Dell XPS to my girlfriend. I'm so tired of having to dumb the graphics down to low on every game just to get above 20 fps.

Oh, and the top 3 grew and everyone else shrunk because the top 3 are buying out some of the shrinking companies, and the rest of the shrinking companies are tired of throwing money at something that gets them very little return, if any.



I wouldn't be opposed to a gaming laptop from MSI -- they're putting out some nice units with high bang-for-buck ratios.



I agree on the MSI as a good option.

Why not add in Eurocom. Not only does it have the specs, but how many laptops out there are user upgradeable?



Yup upgradeability is key. Then you can drop in an extreme CPU years later down the road for cheap and give the laptop more life. I'm pro ifixit, it's unfortunate a lot of people buy laptops with hard to access batteries, hard drives, RAM, soldered CPU, ugh.
MSI GT60/GT70 FTW and also the Eurocom Electra 2->lightest laptop I've found so far that supports an Extreme CPU but has crappy speakers compared to the MSI AFAIK


John Pombrio

As long as they do not bankrupt the companies releasing new products in an already cutthroat field. If they put that R&D money into mobos, they could increase their share and make some great inexpensive mobos.



I totally agree. However, I'm not sure the ratio of enthusiast desktop gamers/builder vs mobile gamers. I guess these manufacturers are just juggling (or balancing) around on both types of consumers to get the most juice out of them.