Is a Motherboard Price War Beginning to Break Out?

Paul Lilly

Your next motherboard purchase may be cheaper than you anticipated

The motherboard market has already whittled itself down to just a handful of key players (remember when DFI was an enthusaist brand?). That's made the landscape hyper-competitive, and with new chipsets and processors prompting upgrades and new builds, motheboard makers are reportedly reducing prices . There's speculation that this might be just the beginning of what ends up being a price war.

Citing "sources from the motherboard industry," news and rumor site Digitimes says players such as Asus, Gigabyte, ASRock, and MSI have all started reducing prices of their 9 Series motherboards and even their 8 Series mobos as each one looks to retain or gain an competitive advantage over the others.

This is in contrast to what motherboard makers had hoped and expected with the 9 Series release, which is that it would bump up the average selling price of their product lineup. However, "aggressive price cutting," especially in China, has thrown a wrench into those plans.

As it stands, Digitimes says Asus is on top of the pricing ladder with prices that are about 3-10 percent higher than Gigabyte's boards for the same specifications. ASRock and MSI are both about 10-15 percent lower than Asus, and the gap gets wider as you move down to ECS and Biostar.

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