Motherboard Price Hikes Rumored to be Just Around the Corner

Paul Lilly

Rolling your own rig is just as much about timing as it is part selection. Consider that around this time a year ago, hard drive makers were practically giving platters of storage away and backing them with longer warranties. Mother Nature ruined all that, and she's partially to blame for rising motherboard prices, which some industry sources predict are getting ready to spike.

DigiTimes has heard from its sources in the trenches that increases in the international price of copper and rising labor costs in China will result in motherboard price hikes to the tune of 10 percent or more. Motherboard prices already went up 5-10 percent in early 2011 because of increased material costs and labor shortages, and another 3-8 percent in April 2011 due to higher priced components resulting from the earthquake in northeastern Japan in March.

Motherboard makers, including Asus and Gigabyte, will initiate the next round of price hikes in the first quarter of 2012. Copper prices have gone up and so has the minimum monthly wage in China, which in turn have resulted in higher production costs. What's crummy about the timing is that Intel's Ivy Bridge is just around the corner.

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